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Air Macau Flight Information 2017/08/22

Air Macau announced that due to the influence of Tropical Storm Hato, the following flight operations on 23th AUG have been affectedG


The following flight operations have been cancelledG

NX006 Macao -BeijingANX007 Beijing-Macao

NX870 Macao -DanangANX869 Danang- Macao

NX9666 Macao- KaohsiungANX9665 Kaohsiung VMacao

NX238 Macao-TianjinANX237 Tianjin-Macao

NX196 Macao-NanningANX195 Nanning-Macao

NX886 Macao-BangkokANX885 Bangkok VMacao

NX602 Macao-TaipeiANX601 Taipei-Macao

NX110 Macao-Shanghai HongqiaoAHNX109 Shanghai HongqiaoVMacao

NX226 Macao-HangzhouANX121 Hangzhou-Macao

NX162 Macao-NingboAMX161 Ningbo -Macao

NX9622 Macao-TaipeiANX9621 Taipei-Macao


The following flight operations may delayedA

The new information may announced after 14:00 23rd AUG

NX002 Macao -BeijingANX001 Beijing-Macao

NX136 Macao-Shanghai PutongANX135 Shanghai PutongVMacao

NX856 Macao-OsakaANX855 Osaka-Macao

NX610 Macao-TaipeiANX609 Taipei-Macao

NX138 Macao-Shanghai Hongqiao

NX820 Macao-SeoulANX819 Seoul-Macao

NX008 Macao -BeijingANX005 Beijing-Macao

NX122 Macao-Hangzhou

NX806 Macao- FukuokaANX805 Fukuoka-Macao

NX862 Macao-TokyoANX861 Tokyo-Macao

NX128 Macao-NanjingANX127 Nanjing-Macao

NX198 Macao-ChengduANX197 Chengdu-Macao

NX016 Macao-TaiyuanANX015 Taiyuan-Macao

NX668 Macao- KaohsiungANX667 Kaohsiung VMacao

NX618 Macao-TaipeiANX615 Taipei-Macao

NX620 Macao-Taipei

NX132 Macao-XiamenANX131 Xiamen-Macao

NX9890 Macao-BangkokANX9889 Bangkok VMacao

NX882 Macao-BangkokANX881 Bangkok VMacao

NX830 Macao -DanangANX829 Danang- Macao

NX876 Macao -DanangANX875 Danang- Macao

NX898 Macao-HanoiANX897 Hanoi-Macao



Passengers booked on the above flights may re-book or refund the tickets. Air Macau will waive re-booking and refund fee for the tickets of above flights.



The departure time of delayed flights on is possible be changed depend on the Typhoon weather condition, Air Macau will continue to monitor the situation closely and will issue further updates flight information. Please check the information before you go to airport.



Issued by Air Macau at 19:00, 22nd AUG, 2017