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Air Macau Welcomes the Arrival of Brand-New Aircraft Again 2014/11/03

1.       Air Macau welcomes the arrival of a brand-new Airbus 321 aircraft (MSN6324) namely PROSPEROUS, the baptized ceremony is taken place at Hangar, Macau International Airport in the afternoon on 31st October 2014.


2.       PROSPEROUS departed from Airbus manufacture base in Hamburg, Germany, flew over Athens, Dubai and Yangon, landed at Macau International Airport at 10:54pm, 29th October 2014.


3.       The highlight of PROSPEROUS is painted with tourism image of Macau.  There are two parts of design.  In the front part of aircraft body, the designer is inspired by the Dragon whisker leaping from bottom to the top.  The meaning is aircraft in the sky just like a flying dragon. The red and green colors come the logo of Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO).  In the second part, line is from top to bottom. In this part, the famous scenes in Macau, such as Ruins of St. Paul's, Temple of A-Ma, Macau Tower etc. are presented in silhouette. The dark green comes from the flag of Macau SAR.  Light green provides an effective backdrop.  Two parts come in one.  The main idea of design is to let more people to understand Macau.


4.       The ceremony was baptized by Dom José Lai Hung Seng and the Masters from Kun Iam Tong respectively at 03:30 p.m. on 31st October 2014.  


5.       Air Macau has a great honor of having Ms. Tse Hang Sai, Deputy Director of Macau Government Tourist Office , to be the godmother of the new aircraft.


6.       Mr. Chan Weng Hong, President of AACM, Ms. Tse Hang Sai, Deputy Director of Macau Government Tourist Office, Mr. Chen Xiang, Deputy Director of Economic Department, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Macau SAR, Ms. Huang Xingqian, Director-General, Department of General Affairs, Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Macao SAR Peoples Republic of China, Mr. Leong Sio Pui, Executive Director of CAM, Mr. Tsui Wai Kwan, Executive Director of CAM, Mr. Kong Xiangwen, President of CNAC (Macau) Aviation Ltd., Mr. Zheng Yan, Chairman, Board of Directors of Air Macau, together with over 20 local travel service representatives attending this ceremony.  Five goodwill ambassadors of Macau tourismG HELPFUL, FRIENDLY, POLITE, SMILLING and KNOWLEDGE, attended the ceremony as well.


7.       The interior cabin of PROSPEROUS is as same as the new aircrafts SYNERGY arrived in February 2013 and FORTUNE arrived in March 2013, the layout of cabin with 24 seats in business class while 155 seats in economy class respectively. 


8.       Mr. Zheng Yan, Chairman of Board of Director of Air Macau said, Air Macau cooperated with MGTO again to paint the image of Macau tourism in the body of aircraft.  We just celebrated 20th anniversary for the company.  Now we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of Macau SAR.  In the year of celebration, the new aircraft PROSPEROUS will bring the tourism image of Macau to all destinations of the carrier and present the goodwill and blessing to all the passengers and motherland.C





Issued by Air Macau on 31st October 2014

For further inquiries, please contact Ms. Joy Gong, GM V PRAD, Air Macau at (853) 6662 6776.